Anti-Equality Amendment in the works in California?

from the San Diego Union Tribune July 18, 2007:

SACRAMENTO – For years religious conservatives have tried to roll back the increasing number of marriage rights that same-sex couples get as registered domestic partners.

For years they have failed either to get their bills through the Democratic-controlled Legislature or to raise the money to put a new ballot measure before voters. More

Equality California and their allies could look to Massachusetts for hope and a demonstration of the reality of same-sex marriage. In Massachusetts, we’ve had three years of marriage equality. All of the dire predictions about chaos and the impending harm to the institution of marriage have proved unfounded. Opponents of marriage equality used to have the power of prediction on their side. It’s now been taken away by the triumph of gay marriage in our state.

Stripped down to their essential argument, the religious conservatives have just one point to make: marriage equality is not compatible with their religious views. BUT we do live in a country where the separate of church and state is a fundamental point on which we all supposedly agree. What the religious conservatives are demonstrating over and over in every state in this country is this: they do not believe in the separation of church and state.

We need to pay more attention to this threat to our democracy.

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