Being Mayor Sanders Daughter

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has come over from the dark side. His daughter made it happen. She came out.

But I wonder what must it have been like to be the daughter of Sanders when he was saying that he would not support same-sex marriage? How did she feel knowing that the city council supported her civil right to marry but her father did not? Ahh, Mary Cheney comes to mind. But Jerry Sanders has shown that he is no Darth Vader Cheney.

Sanders has a heart as he showed at his press conference. See the video.

But still my thoughts are with the lesbian daughter. Will she now go and work for the HRC? Get a million dollar advance to write a book? Will she ever be able to tell what it was like to live with a father who did not support her right to happiness?

Coming out–all the way out. Still the most radical of acts for an LGBT person.

I hope that she has the heart of her father.

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