Know Thy Neighbor–On the Move in FL

Know Thy Neighbor (KTN) once again is bringing transparency to the ballot petition process–this time in Florida. What KTN did for the cause of equality in Massachusetts, it is now doing for all families in Florida. AND as a sidelight of their advocacy, some Floridians are getting a civics lesson.

Folks who claim that they never signed the petition to put a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and even civil unions or domestic partnerships for heterosexuals on the ballot are learning, thanks to the KTN website, that their names were among the over 611,000 that counted.  Did unscrupulous signature-gatherers put their names on petitions?

Other Floridians who did sign the petition are learning that their signature is a matter of public record. They are astonished to see their names on the Know Thy Neighbor website. Thanks to a collaboration between Christ Church of Peace in Jacksonville, FL and KTN discrimination will not be able to hide behind a cloak of secrecy. Check out a Florida TV news report on the issues. 

Fairness for All Families offers Floridians strategies for fighting the discriminatory constitutional amendment. Know Thy Neighbor offers Floridians the opportunity to identify petition signers and begin conversations with neighbors, friends, and family members who may not know that their names are on the petition or who may not understand how hateful the constitutional amendment really is.

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