LA Times tells of Massachusetts marriage success

In May 17 article, following the California Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, Elizabeth Mehren of the LA Times reminds readers that after 4 years, Massachusetts has shown the world that same-sex marriage does not bring with it the collapse of civilization. Mehren talked with Karen Kahn, co-author of Courting Equality, and quoted her at length:

  In a way, “Massachusetts has been like the reality TV show for gay marriage,” said Karen Kahn, co-author of “Courting Equality,” a book examining same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

“When we were the only state, we were the ones who were ‘out there.’ We were the target for every kind of criticism, all the threats that this would destroy marriage, families and civilization.”

Instead, Kahn said, “what we have had is four years of marriage equality. Nothing terrible has happened in our state. The Red Sox have won the World Series twice since the law changed. There continue to be little pockets of opposition, but almost none of it is not religious-based. Overall, we are doing just fine here in Massachusetts.”

Kahn, 52, married her co-author and longtime companion, Patricia Gozemba, 67, in September 2005.

To read the entire article, which also tells the story of Chloe Page, featured in the pages of Courting Equality, go to In Massachusetts, a Test Run for Same-Sex Marriage. You can join the discussion there, which has already engaged more than 2000 readers. Let them know that same-sex marriage has been good for Massachusetts, and will only bring joy and happiness to California.

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