Marriage–Again–New Photos


In a recent Bay Windows article, I wrote about Rosanne Schembri and Lisa Berg, a California couple longing to marry. Here are some photos of them that did not make it into the newspaper but tell an important story about who we are and our desires to have our civil rights.



 On September 1, 1979, the Rev. Jeri Ann Harvey, of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Community Church married Rosanne Schembri (l) and Lisa Berg (R).



Rosanne Schembri and Lisa Berg at their wedding in Canada in 2006.

Next, they will marry legally in their home state of California. Stay tuned for the story and the photos!

Marriage – again

Bay Windows contributor
Patricia A. Gozemba

June 2, 2008

California, what great company you are in. Our courts have blazed the path. Massachusetts and California – two down and forty-eight to go. Bi-coastal dignity is not enough. The promise of liberty and equality for all means just that – for all.

We won marriage equality because the Massachusetts court ruled in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health that all citizens are guaranteed “equal protection” under the law. Your court went further and ruled that marriage is a “fundamental right.” Mary Bonauto, the victorious attorney in Goodridge, could barely contain her joy with the California decision. In a Boston Globe? article she said, “This is not a little ripple in a pond. This is a wave. This is big. What Massachusetts did was extraordinarily significant. Someone had to be first but having the second state be the largest in the country, with an influential judiciary, makes it quite a powerhouse.” More

One response to “Marriage–Again–New Photos

  1. Raymond and Albert

    You cannot marry in California again. Your Canadian legal marriage is legal in California now that same-sex marriage is legal. We are partnered since 1976 and married in Toronto in 2003.

    They will not let you marry again. It is more, a denial of the great gift that our country, Canada, gave you.

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