The Marriage of Michael and Peter

 Patricia A. Gozemba

Peter Hayashida and Michael Olman are two amazingly creative and accomplished guys whom Karen and I had the pleasure of meeting in Hawaii about five years ago–at a traditional Korean Christmas dinner orchestrated in large part by our mutual friend Rochelle. We bonded with these LA guys around our mutual desires to live in Hawaii. Peter grew up in Hawaii and Michael fell in love with Hawaii the first time that he went to the islands.


Yep, that’s Michael, an Emmy Award winning sound artist, in his omnipresent aloha shirt and Peter the development officer in a tie. This shot was actually done for a wonderful radio interview that they did for Pacifica Radio. Listen to what they had to say about marriage and their happiness to be fully recognized by the state of California.

On Friday, June 21, 2008, they married. Here’s what Peter had to say about their marriage that cuts right to the point of equality, love, and support:

“Michael and I got married on June 20, 2008 in a civil ceremony in the City of West Hollywood. Although we recently celebrated our 14th anniversary, earning the right to marry was a significant milestone for us and other same-sex couples in California.

We wanted to share pictures with you thank you for supporting us as a family during the many years before the State of California saw fit to do so.

With much love,
Michael & Peter”


We wish the very best to them and all the couples who through marriage have made it to this next milestone on our road to full civil rights and equality.

Now, may California take care to protect this court given right at the ballot box next November. Having couples like Michael and Peter speak out on the radio and show their pride in moving further into the full circle of equality will make a huge difference in public acceptance. We know. It happened in Massachusetts. Our rights can be protected by our coming out.

Thanks and congratulations.

3 responses to “The Marriage of Michael and Peter

  1. I am so proud to live in a state where there is marriage equality. I’m straight and I’ve been married for twenty years. I still remember inviting one of my lesbian friends to our wedding. She said that I shouldn’t get married to my partner until she had the same rights. She said that marriage was an oppressive institution as long as it was limited to straight people. I felt like I was drinking at a whites-only water fountain. Now I am proud to be married in California where all couples can make the same legal committment to each other and be recognized by the state. Hurray!!

  2. Hey, Karen. You sound like a great ally. The California lesbian and gay community needs allies like you in this upcoming ballot amendment fight.

  3. I’m so sorry to be tardy to the thread…I’ve only now had the chance to start tracing back to many of the web pages that profiled us…NONE were better than this one, so a BIG THANKS and ALOHA! to Pat and Karen for ALL that they have done for our community!!!

    We have had much time now to consider the ramifications of the vote results. It has been eye-opening…to say the least. We are now relying on the courts. they, ultimately, are the protectors of the minority, from the tyranny of the majority.
    It will be interesting to see how they rule on will have MAJOR implications, either way…but…I think that the court will recognize the meaning of “full faith & credit”, as well as ” equal protection”. if they don’t….then all minorities should shudder to think what could happen to their rights. Ultimately, I have faith in the Court. People say they are activist, but only when they don’t agree with the outcome. I think that THAT IS the majesty of our Judicial system and as an American, I welcome their ruling. It goes to the HEART of what makes us the envy of the world and in these days…we need to, once again, be the beacon that we once were.

    Aloha, Mele Kalikimaka me ka hau’oli makahiki hou!

    A Hui Hou!!!


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