Courting Equality video promotes marriage equality

Thanks to our good friends at Two Rivers Circle Productions and Aboriginal Lens, the story of LGBT people winning marriage equality is now available in a 5-minute documentary video. Using the photos from our book, the filmmakers created a video that will warm your heart—and hopefully move the hearts and minds of voters on November 4. California film producer Karen Rudolph has already been giving the video to local activists fighting Proposition 8, the California ballot question that would eliminate the right of same-sex couoples to marry in that state. Please send the video link to your friends, family, and contacts in California, Arizona, and Florida, and encourage them to share it with those who don’t yet understand the importance of this civil rights issue. The photographs of families sharing their love–and fighting for their rights can’t help but move people along. As Ellen DeGeneres explained recently to John McCain, we just want to celebrate our love the same way that everyone else does!

6 responses to “Courting Equality video promotes marriage equality

  1. As they say in Massachusetts: “LOVE WINS!”

  2. Hi folks,

    this is so awesome. what a sweet little film. thanks. pray that we win out here. best noelle

  3. This is great. The civil rights battle continues. Massachusetts won’t be the only state that gets it right.

  4. Thank you for reaffirming my beliefs in traditional marriage. I was moved by the hundreds of citizens willing to stand up for marriage VALUES. Marriage is not a RIGHT. It is a traditional VALUE that should be upheld. The gay couples in CA are not being denied any RIGHTS. I feel like my VALUES are being squashed. Why does it seem like tolerance only goes one way?

  5. Those who compare gender and race discrimination with sexual orientation are using tactical deception to emotionally sway an unsuspecting public. Wrongful discrimination (in actual civil rights cases) injures people for what they are by nature not for their sexual preferences. We have laws to protect human rights for all people. If homosexuals want same-sex-lifestyles, they shouldn’t demand special laws to protect their sexual preferences. If we start protecting sexual preferences from discrimination, where will it end? On what basis will we decide that some sexual preferences should be endorsed and defended by the state and others rejected?

    The flawed logic serving the battle for gay rights works off of the assumption that one is born gay and cannot change. Ask those who once practiced the homosexual lifestyle but are now free from it what they think of this argument? Although some people could be biologically inclined toward homosexual behavior and others had it forced on them against their wills, ultimately it becomes a behavior people choose. Any other view disrespects human dignity. Two men could live together and deeply care for each other without being homosexual. Homosexuality only becomes part of the equation when they commit sexual acts with each other. As a result, “homosexual” refers not to one’s nature, disposition or desire but to one’s behavior.

    After many years of counseling others, I am convinced that those who practice homosexuality do not genuinely accept that they were meant to live the gay lifestyle. Even radical homosexual activists, if honest, would admit that their fight for gay rights is not the answer for their inner frustrations, resentments and despair. Deep inside, they know that changes in legislation or public opinion will not remove the agony they feel. The homosexual lifestyle robs people of both dignity and freedom. Court decisions and marriage licenses will not give these people the dignity or freedom they desire.

    Steven W. Cornell
    Senior Pastor
    Millersville Bible Church
    58 West Frederick St.
    Millersville, PA. 17551

  6. We are using every tool of democracy available to us: the courts, the legislature, and the court of public opinion. The very same tools that those, like you, who promote inequality are using.

    Contrary to what you believe, we feel “agony” only when folks who are totally biased try to inflict their religious values on us.

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