Civil Rights-Civil Unions for Hawai’i

Patricia A. Gozemba

Honolulu, February 22–Misguided Christian fundamentalists, many of whom are politicians, rallied approximately 2,000 of their flock to the Hawai’i state capitol to try to give credence to the point that the downfall of civilization is epitomized by the granting of the civil right of civil unions to same-sex couples. Across town, LGBT people and their allies peacefully stood up for themselves.

Tara O’Neill  captured the faces of some of these folks. She skillfully juxtaposes their faces with the aspirational words of our President Barack Obama and patriotic music.

My wife Karen Kahn and I are happy to be in this video, Support HB 444. Spread the word about this video to your friends and allies!

One response to “Civil Rights-Civil Unions for Hawai’i

  1. Correction. It’s marriage — not civil unions — that’s a civil right. Check Loving v. Virginia.

    Civil unions…civil unions? My gosh, that’s so last century. Get with it, Hawaii!

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