HB444 Civil Unions HI: A New Look

st1:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } Pat Gozemba

While to some the future of HB 444 for Civil Unions looks bleak, don’t tell that to the thousands of equality activists on the ground in Hawai’i. Technically there still is time to pull HB 444 from the Senate Judiciary Committee (that is deadlocked at 3-3)  and get the bill on the Senate floor. It’s already passed the House 33-17!

Once HB 444 is on the  Senate floor, 18 of the 25 senators have pledged to vote for it. BUT getting it on the floor has been difficult. It takes 9 votes to get it out of a deadlocked committee. In a brave move on March 25th, Sen. Gary Hooser tried to get the 9 votes.  He got only 5 in addition to his own. The honor roll of bravery for equality: Sens. Les Ihara, Michelle Kidani, Rosalyn Baker, Suzanne Chun Oakland, Carol Fukunaga and Gary Hooser.

People of Hawai’i pledged to equality need to move the other 12 senators who claim to support equality to do something to help get the bill out of committee. Send this video to everyone you know in Hawai’i get them to call, email, buttonhole these senators asking them to show some courage and get HB 444 on the Senate floor and vote YES for equality.

Enough excuses. HB 444 is about civil rights-equality.

Get the scoop on the 12 who deserted HB 444. Watch Dossier on the Missing 12.

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