Marriage Proposal

Tambry makes a long-distance proposal to Suzanne

Tambry makes a long-distance proposal to Suzanne

Tambry arrived in Massachusetts from Honolulu, HI, a week ago to help out with Maine’s “No on 1” campaign. Then she realized, she could do more than fight for the right to marriage—she could marry her partner of 28 years here in Massachusetts. So an elaborate proposal was put together long-distance, that included the above photograph. Suzanne said “yes”—and on Saturday, November 7, Suzane and Tambry will marry in Salem, MA, with many of our Courting Equality friends there as witnesses. Suzanne and daughter, Shylar, fly in on November 4 to begin the festivities! Everybody wish them well!

2 responses to “Marriage Proposal

  1. aloha,
    i have know these two for years now and am so glad they finally got married. it is just so sad they had to go to another state to do it. it should be legalized in every state. i am straight and i have the right to marry who and when i want to, it should be the same for all. everyone should have the same legal rights. we have got to get this right!

  2. Yeah, anyone should be able to get married where they live. What’s great about Tambry and Suzanne is that they are working for that right for themselves and everyone in Hawaii. They need straight allies like yourself. We must get this right–you’re on it!

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