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“Dear Abby” Supports Gay Marriage

PFLAG will give its first Straight for Equality award to the woman we know as “Dear Abby.” In an October 5th nationally syndicated column, she came out in support of gay marriage.

It’s sort of like getting approval from your parents, your favorite aunt, your favorite teacher, your thoughful spiritual counselor, and your neighborhood association all at once. The cultural power of “Dear Abby’s” approval is enormous. Even the Associated Press has taken notice of the significance of Abby’s blessing.

While those of us in the struggle for marriage equality often get discouraged by the moneyed fire-power of social conservatives, we are getting incremental support from people who believe in constitutional rights based on liberty and freedom. Abby is one such person–one of the many who the Pew Center keeps telling us is slowly making the turn towards equality for all. She sees us as part of  the “we” in “we the people.”

PFLAG’s national acknowledgement of  “Dear Abby’s” leadership is important. PFLAG is at the cutting edge of hastening approval for gay marriage. In Massachusetts, Greater Boston PFLAG on Sept. 24th launched a project to give a copy of Courting Equality to every high school in Massachusetts. Within the month every high schooler will have an opportunity to see real photos of gay families and to imagine a happy family life for themselves. Even the LGBT kids!

Having heard of the the Greater Boston PFLAG project of getting the book out to every high school, the San Jose/Peninsula, California chapter of PFLAG invited the authors of Courting Equality to come out and speak at their chapter meeting on November 14th.

Straight allies for equality, such as “Dear Abby” and the many Parents, Family, Friends of Lesbians and Gays are creating a sea change of public opinion. We need to keep spreading the word and welcoming their support.

Gay Marriage, Lexington High, and Mass Resistance

“Gay.” “Lesbian.” “Same-sex marriage.” Words you’re not supposed to hear uttered in the Lexington Public Schools that is according to Brian Camenker and his pack at Mass Resistance. But Mass Resistance is not having its way.

PFLAG gave the first of over 240 copies of Courting Equality slated to go to Massachusetts Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs)to the GSA at Lexington High School.

Carla Yengo-Kahn, a sophomore, a Lexington High School accepted on behalf of her school’s GSA. In accepting the book Carla said, “It seems appropriate that we should get the first book going to GSAs. We are from Lexington, the birthplace of the American Revolution that was fought for the very principles of freedom central to our democracy, and appropriately, our educational system.”

She added that the Lexington curriculum includes, all people, all who should be part of “we the people.”

Mass Resistance continues to threaten open, safe, and welcoming school communities that respect all families by including them in the curriculum–especially when they include anything relating to the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender community. With the David Parker case centering around his and Brian Camenker’s objection to the use of King and King, Lexington has become another battleground.

Chuck Colbert writes this week on the PFLAG meeting and the presentation of Courting Equality and the challenges to democratic education.