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Five by Five and Counting

 On May 13, Beacon Broadside posted this commentary by Karen. Things are changing so fast, that by the time your read this, New Hampshire Governor John Lynch may have signed New Hampshire’s same-sex marriage bill. According to the New York Times, a compromise was reached today.

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, New England feels like a roller coaster hurtling toward equality. On April 6, two more states– Maine and New Hampshire– passed marriage equality legislation. The Maine bill has been signed into law by Governor Baldacci; New Hampshire awaits the governor’s signature. In addition, this year Connecticut and Vermont joined Massachusetts in recognizing same-sex marriage. Thus, at the five-year anniversary of marriage equality, five New England states have at the very least expressed strong support for a vision of inclusiveness. In addition, Iowa– smack in the heartland– allows same-sex couples to marry. Read more.

Gay Marriage for Vermont?

On October 11 and 12, Karen Kahn and I got to talk with Vermont folks about the success of marriage equality in Massachusetts. The topic is particularly relevant to Vermonters who are now considering gay marriage as a next step in the movement toward equality for LGBT people.

 On Oct. 11th at the University of Vermont, we got to meet David Moats, author of Civil Wars, a wonderful book on the 1999-2000 political struggle in Vermont following the Vermont court’s 1999 decision to give us relationship equality. Moats does a masterful job of taking us inside the Montpelier State House and following in particular the brave work of openly gay Rep. Bill Lippert.

At Burlington College on the 12th, we got to speak on a panel with Lippert. Amazing guy. Thoughtful, big-hearted, and the best spokesperson our community could ever imagine having.

Meeting Moats and Lippert qualifies as the highlight of our 5 months of touring with Courting Equality. Both men are clear thinkers and eloquent.

Vermonters are a fascinating and fiercely independent people and as they now take up the issue of marriage equality–again–the voices of Moats and Lippert are two that I want to be listening to. Check out Moats’ editorial.