Courting Equality photographer and authors honored

The City of Cambridge honored Pat Gozemba, Karen Kahn, and Marilyn Humphries with a special proclamation at their May 7, 2007, meeting. The proclamation notes that Courting Equality includes a photo of the first couple married in Cambridge, Tanya McCloskey and Marcia Kadish, and City Clerk Margaret Drury. The Council congratulated the authors on a “terrific” book.

Marilyn Humphries received a Black Butterfly Award at this year’s Sistah Summit, an annual event held during Pride week where lesbians of color celebrate those who have supported their community. She was honored for her efforts to ensure that images of the LGBT people seen in the press and elsewhere are inclusive of all our communities. Humphries, in recieving the award, told the audience,  that there is no honor more meaningful to her than one that comes from the black LGBT community. “To be called family,” she said, “that is one of the greatest honors I’ve ever had.” For full coverage of the event, see Bay Windows story by Laura Kiritsy.

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