R.I. Fails to Advance Marriage Equality

This legislative session, R.I. failed to emerge as one of the New England states leading the nation to marriage equality. In the final hours, the governor vetoed domestic partnership benefits for state employees. According to Jenn Steinfeld, Executive Director of Marriage Equality Rhode Island (MERI), the legislature also failed to move ahead several other bills advancing LGBT family equality. EDGE Boston reports:

The Rhode Island General Assembly failed to show their support for Rhode Island same-sex couples and their families by allowing the majority of the MERI platform of domestic partner protections to die without a vote.“We are particularly disappointed in the lack of leadership demonstrated by our elected officials in a year where every other New England state has taken great strides to expand the protections available to same-sex couples and their families,” emphasized Steinfeld.

MERI proposed seven bills proposing protections for same sex couples, in addition to bill S-619. These bills referred to testimony rights, family medical leave, funeral planning, nursing home visitation, ability to sue in a case of wrongful death, and two same-sex marriage bills.

Read more of Tanya Rogers story at EDGE Boston.

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