O’Donnell: Civil Unions Not Working in N.J.

While it seems politically incorrect in some circles to not pay homage to the gradual step to equality represented by civil unions, Daniel O’Donnell braved the backlash of LGBT moderates in The New York Times on July 13th (“This O’Donnell Picks His Fights . . .). “Civil unions aren’t really working in New Jersey. Marriage is an understood concept, and the reality is, until I’m able to say, ‘This is my spouse,’ it just doesn’t carry the same weight.” It’s an “emperor has no clothes” reality check.

One response to “O’Donnell: Civil Unions Not Working in N.J.

  1. This story is spot on! The reality of the situation is that while we are taking baby steps in the right direction, baby steps won’t get us to where we need to be in this lifetime. I don’t want to wait for the next generation to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

    New Hampshire helps put this into perspective. Although they say that their civil unions are fully equal to marriage, they not only have to be called by another name, they also have laws written in such a way that they will not recognize the marriages of Massachusetts GLBT people.

    If this is equality, where is the need for such a law?

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