Poll in NJ Shows Huge support for Gay Marriage

Is it a surprise to anyone that the NJ  poll conducted between Aug. 8-10 shows twice as much support for gay marriage as there is opposition? 63% favor same-sex marriage.  And just to quell the timid hearts of legislators, 72% of those polled (that’s 9% more than are in favor of marriages over civil unions) also said that taking a position in favor of gay marriage would not jeopardize the election of any legislators in the next election. So why would any legislators hold back? More 

One response to “Poll in NJ Shows Huge support for Gay Marriage

  1. I completely support equality.! Its a shame in this day and age that people still hate others just because the choose a different path for their lives or teach their children to hate. There is enough hatred in the world. I hope that Im still alive to see equality for all! its not right that same sex couples aren’t allowed to marry yet! It honestly shouldn’t matter in my eyes. I just wish the politicians saw it the same way. ok enough rambling…lol

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