Does Ellen Believe Hillary?

On April 7th, Hillary appeared on the Ellen show and told a very touching story about two gay neighbors of her parents. She told in detail a story about her parents’ connection to the two gay men and how her parents actually came to rely quite a bit on them. Ellen ate it up and so did the audience. I want to believe it but I have questions.

How can we have faith in this touching story, knowing as we do that it is emerging now after many months of campaigning?

Did this story affect Hillary before the telling of it on the Ellen show on April 7th?

Why haven’t stories like this made Hillary realize that she should be advocating for the total repeal of DOMA?

Watch the video and see what you think.

2 responses to “Does Ellen Believe Hillary?

  1. I hate to say it, but the word that pops into my mind watching that interview is “pandering”. It sounds like Hillary would promise anything to get our votes. For her to say she wants to eliminate breast cancer in the next decade is to make a promise she knows she can’t keep. It will not be eliminated in the next decade, no matter how many resources we throw at it. Rather, cancer is caused in part by environmental factors, which she does not propose to address at all. Instead, she would give more money to futile study of band-aids for the problem.

    I digress some, but after having voted for Hillary, I have been serially disappointed by her words and actions. She was in the White House when DOMA passed, and mounted no defense against it. Where’s her explanation of that betrayal?

  2. I tend to believe what Hillary said on the Ellen show. Wouldn’t it be fairly easy to check up on this? Does Hillary want to go through another “Bosnia” firestorm? And what better forum for her to talk about her gay neighbors than the “Ellen” show? One thing that did bother me, though, was toward the end when she said that things needed to be made “more fair”. I would’ve preferred to hear her say that things needed to be made “equal”. Surely she can’t be too concerned about getting the conservative vote.

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