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President Obama Speaks Out Against Bullies

President Obama joined the It Gets Better Campaign to stop bullying of LGBT Youth

George Takei v. Arkansas School Board

George Takei, someone who understands discrimination, takes on the homophobic school board member in Arkansas forced to resign for encouraging gay bullying.

Prop 8: Let’s Start laughing Now

This is a reprise of an earlier laugh about Prop 8 from the summer. We’re getting close to the trial date in December . . .

Duke Aiona (R) Lies–Again

Marriage Equality Gains Support

The Pew Research Center reports that more Americans are supporting the supposed all-American principle of equality for all. I find this really refreshing–especially these days when LGBT kids especially are not believing that there is any future for them and are committing suicide.

I hope that older members of the LGBT community will go out there and talk to kids and let them know that there is a future after the travail of growing up gay. I applaud Dan Savage’s It Gets Better initiative. More of us have got to speak the truth to LGBT youth. I want LGBT youth to expect total equality. Not just marriage equality.

A Mormon for Civil Unions

Pat Gozemba

Debi Hartmann was not always a friend of the Hawaii LGBT community. In 1998, she helped craft the Reciprocal Beneficiaries bill that supposedly gave LGBT people all the protections that we needed. She worked with the Catholic Church and fundamentalist Protestants in this effort. But she was always open to dialogue. Today she  finds that her former allies in the Catholic and other fundamentalist churches do not want to hear what she has to say.

Here’s how today’s Star Bulletin story about her begins:

Debi Hartmann’s transformation from a fierce opponent of same-sex marriage to ardent proponent of civil unions did not happen overnight. More

Counting on Republicans for Equality

Pat Gozemba

Jerry Sanders, the Republican mayor of San Diego, has testified in the Prop 8 federal court case in support of marriage equality.  Sanders stunned the nation two years ago when he came out in favor of marriage equality. Now, according to the Bay Area Reporter, he has taken another bold step and added his voice to the chorus of luminaries supporting the case against Prop 8.

On a day when we’ve heard that Cindy McCain and daughter Meghan McCain have come out against Prop 8 on the NO H8 website, it’s beginning to feel surreal. Of course Papa John McCain maintains his troglodyte views.

Meanwhile, I have a chance tomorrow to go down to the Hawai’i legislature and see if the Senate can muster the courage to pass civil unions. Check out what Equality Hawai’i has to say. I wish that all of the opponents of civil unions in the Hawai’i legislature would read Ted Olson’s piece in Newsweek. He lays it out pretty clearly: religious bias is denying full civil rights to LGBT people.

It took Nixon to open relations with China. Maybe Olson, the Republicans favorite conservative lawyer, will open up our civil rights.